Alessa Wolfe

Alessa is a 121 year old vampire, she is very proper and has a vast amount of knowledge of thousands of subjects and has spent a good amount of her life learning and studying literature, mathematics, science, arts, history, ect, ect… she’s very manipulative. she likes to flirt with people and make them uncomfortable or flustered, she also will find your weakness and use it against you. she hates when things don't go as planned or when she does something reckless.

Jade Speckle

Jade is a 17 year old hunter, she hunts mainly vampires but sometimes will take on demons, witches and ghosts. she’s emotionless mostly all of the time because she believes that emotions are a sign of weakness and can be used against you in battle with a monster. her real only emotion is anger which slips out from time to time. 

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